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Asset management is fundamentally about conviction

Investing in equities typically offers better long-term performance potential reflecting the higher risk. It is also a means of helping develop and finance companies, and play a part in their growth. Picking the right stocks requires time and good market knowledge.

High-conviction active management
At DNCA, we use high-conviction active management combined with a cautious outlook to meet our clients’ long-term financial goals.
Patience, Prudence and Perseverance; these values guide us day-in day-out.

Jean-Charles Mériaux, Fund Manager and Chief Investment Officer

Because taking opportunities means avoiding crowded spaces, our investment decisions are solely driven by high convictions, something that can result in significant deviations from benchmarks. Our high-conviction management is underpinned by a ceaseless effort to balance risk return.

Corporate growth is central to our investment policy

Our market knowledge and the experience of our management teams means we can stay in touch with a host of French and European companies. We top up the financial analysis with regular discussions with company management and site visits.

These local links are key and enable a 360 analysis to identify the companies with the best growth prospects and thereby support them over time.

We favor stocks that offer good visibility in terms of earnings growth and strong upside potential, at reasonable prices

All our fund managers are also analysts. Discussions between equity and fixed income specialists within the team mean that the company can be looked at from the perspective of the creditor and shareholder so as not to overlook any aspect of its strategy and its long-term commitments. Qualitative analysis, which aims to pick out future successes, is combined with quantitative analysis.

Lastly, an analysis of the macro-economic environment makes it possible to actively tailor our portfolios to changes therein based on our expectations.

A proven investment process

Our fund manager-analysts pick stocks from a pool of companies they know and track over time. Our frequent get-togethers with business leaders, along with site visits and product and service tests allow us to understand their strategy and thereby corroborate and confirm our investment decisions over time.

We closely monitor stock values. Divergences between a company’s present or anticipated intrinsic value and its stock market price thus make it possible to identify investment opportunities that offer long-term value creation.

Remaining disciplined in terms of purchase price is part of our daily philosophy. This is a key performance criterion.

Value fund managers not only buy a great stock but also buy upside potential in medium-term profitability

Isaac Chebar, European Equity Fund Manager

Value investing means investing in discounted stocks, namely companies with a stock price below the company’s intrinsic value.

Investors can, for example, use multiple stock exchanges to compare companies between each other and/or vis-à-vis their historic valuations: Price-Earnings ratio, Price-to-Book ratio, Price-to-Sales ratio, Price-to-Cash-Flow ratio or to dividend.

Value stocks are generally overlooked and underestimated by the market at a given point in time, and the investor is hoping the stock price will revert to fair value.

Growth investing favors stocks with the best top and bottom line growth prospects. Growth stocks are generally favorably priced companies with above average stock markets multiples and growth. They also have a generally low dividend payout rate because they reinvest profits to drive growth.

Growth investors buy a stock in the hope that its future intrinsic value will be higher than its current intrinsic value, thereby anticipating an increase in the stock price over the medium-term.

Managerial strength is one of the key criteria in our fundamental analysis of companies

Carl Auffret, European Equities Fund Manager

European Equities Blend


DNCA Invest Archer Mid-Cap Europe

A selection of quality European mid-cap companies at attractive prices.

DNCA Opportunités Zone Euro

Invest in the Eurozone.

European growth stocks

DNCA Invest Europe Growth

An actively managed fund that aims to profit from European growth

DNCA Invest Norden Europe

A- an actively managed fund that aims to profit from Northern European growth.

Value stocks


An actively managed conviction-based fund investing in French stocks where the market price does not reflect the company’s true value.

DNCA Value Europe

In a world where information is public, the only competitive advantage is time.


Equity Quality Growth

DNCA Invest Euro Smart Cities

Investing in sustainable and innovative companies

DNCA Invest Global Emerging Equity

Global excellence in emerging markets

DNCA SRI Euro Quality

Excellence and growth in the Eurozone

DNCA Invest Euro Dividend Grower


DNCA Actions Small & Mid Cap Euro

Today’s entrepreneurs, tomorrow’s future leaders

DNCA Actions Euro PME

To contribute to the development of small and medium-sized companies in the Euro Zone

DNCA Actions Euro Micro Caps

To contribute to the development of micro caps in Euro Zone

DNCA Invest Sustainable China Equity

Invest in sustainable and innovative Chinese companies

DNCA Invest Global New World

Invest today in tomorrow's world