Alert: DNCA Finance identity theft. DNCA Finance, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, draws the public's attention to the impersonation of DNCA Finance by various individuals or companies based abroad, including a company presenting itself as a financial services company called "Influx Finance". These individuals and companies fraudulently refer to the name of DNCA Finance or DNCA Investments in their dealings with individuals to recommend investments of various kinds (bitcoin, gold, shares, etc.).


French law UCITS

Redemption or subscription orders for shares in DNCA FINANCE unit trusts placed by the INVESTING ESTABLISHMENT via its custodians, on behalf of its customers, are sent directly to the unit trust's centralizing custodian:

CM-CIC SECURITIES - 6 avenue de Provence - 75009 Paris, France.

All of DNCA FINANCE's unit trusts are quoted daily.

Orders must be placed before 12:30 p.m. with Stéphanie Marciano whose contact details are:
N.B: Delivery: D+2


Luxembourg law UCITS

Or via the custodian bank:


BPSS Luxembourg - 33, rue Gasperich - Hesperange - L 2085 Luxembourg.
Orders must be placed before midday with Amélie Gomez:

A copy of orders placed with CM-CIC SECURITIES or with BPSS Luxembourg must be sent at the same time to DNCA FINANCE so any amounts held by INVESTING ESTABLISHMENT can be monitored.

N.B: Delivery: D+2

The copy of these orders must be sent to Martial Annic:

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