Alert: DNCA Finance identity theft. DNCA Finance, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, draws the public's attention to the impersonation of DNCA Finance by various individuals or companies based abroad, including a company presenting itself as a financial services company called "Influx Finance". These individuals and companies fraudulently refer to the name of DNCA Finance or DNCA Investments in their dealings with individuals to recommend investments of various kinds (bitcoin, gold, shares, etc.).
Trading desk
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Wladimir Poux
Head of Trading

Wladimir Poux holds an MSG in Finance from the University of Paris IX Dauphine.

After 7 years of experience in Sales and Sales trading at Oddo & Cie and Bryan, Garnier & Co, he joined DNCA Finance's absolute performance team in September 2014 to manage the execution part.

In 2016 he created the trading desk for the entire collective management.

Christophe Martin-Privat

Christophe Martin-Privat holds a Master 2 in Market Finance from Skema Business School, Programme grande école, and is a candidate for the CFA Institute Level 2.

After 3 years of experience in Sales trading at Tradition Securities, he joined the DNCA Finance trading desk team in July 2016.

Within the trading team, he is in charge of execution cost analysis (TCA) as well as onboarding of low touch brokers (algos).

Florent Sintès

Florent Sintès est titulaire d'un Master en Finance de l’ISG Paris.

Après 5 années d’expérience en négociation action sur la table externalisée d'Exoé, il rejoint l’équipe de trading de DNCA Finance en août 2022.

Guillaume Bentouati
Trader in charge of the execution of bond and derivative orders

Guillaume Bentouati holds a Master 2 in Market Finance from the University of Paris IX Dauphine.

After 14 years of experience at AXA-IM, including 8 years at the Fixed Income trading desk, he joins DNCA Finance's trading team in July 2021, in charge of bond and derivative order execution.

Pascal Kergoat
Trader en charge de l'exécution des ordres obligataires et dérivés

Pascal Kergoat est titulaire d’un Master Spécialisé en Techniques financières de l’ESSEC,

Après 22 années d’expériences en market making sur les produits indexés a l’inflation et Trading pour compte Propriétaire en fixed-income et option sur single stocks , entre Paris , Londres et Madrid, il rejoint l’équipe de trading de DNCA en juillet 2022