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Fixed income
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Jean-Charles Mériaux
Fund manager and CIO

Jean-Charles Mériaux is a graduate of HEC Paris School of Management.

After starting his career at Crédit Foncier de France, he joined Oddo & Cie in 1987. In 1994, he joined LCF Edmond Rothschild Asset Management, where he became a member of the Executive Board and Head of French and European Equities Management. He launched and managed funds Tricolore Rendement and Saint-Honoré Convertibles.

He joined DNCA in October 2002 as managing partner and portfolio manager of Eurose and Centifolia. In October 2005 he became Chief Investment Officer of DNCA.

Félix Haron
CFA - Fund manager

Félix Haron is a CFA charterholder, holds graduate of ESC Toulouse and holds a postgraduate specialist master's degree in Financial Engineering from Paris IX Dauphine University.

He began his career at BNP Paribas, as a convertible bond specialist. After a variety of experiences in trading and asset management, Félix joined the convertible management team of BNP Paribas Asset Management.

He joined DNCA Finance in September 2013.

Romain Grandis, CFA
Portfolio-Manager - CFA

Romain Grandis, CFA charterholder, holds a degree in civil engineering from the Ecole des Mines and an Actuarial qualification from the ISFA financial science and insurance institute in Lyon.

He began his career at CIC Lyonnaise de Banque in 2004, and in 2005 joined MMA Finance, part of the Covéa group, as a fund manager and quantitative analyst on European equities. In 2010, he joined Covéa Finance, using his quantitative analysis skills across all asset classes. In 2011, Covéa Finance appointed him to manage insurance mandates for the group’s various entities.

Romain joined DNCA Finance in May 2016 as co-fund manager in both the bond and diversified fund management teams.

*CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst ® are registered trademarks of the CFA Institute.

Adrien Le Clainche
Portfolio Manager

Adrien Le Clainche holds a Master 2 in Financial Management from the University of Paris X - Nanterre.

He began his career in 2006 with various experiences in asset management within the Candriam, Credit Suisse and Rothschild & Co banking groups.

In October 2010, he joined DNCA Finance in the fixed income and diversified team and became manager in 2014. He manages the DNCA Engage fund and co-manages, alongside Jean-Charles Mériaux, Centifolia, as well as the equity part of Eurose.

Baptiste Planchard, CFA
Analyst - CFA

Baptiste Planchard, CFA* - Analyst, is a graduate of business school ESC Reims and holds a degree in History.

Following an initial role in Sales trading at Oddo & Cie in 2013, he joined DNCA Finance in July 2014 and is involved in both the bond and diversified fund management teams.

*CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst ® are registered trademarks of the CFA Institute.

Pascal Gilbert

Pascal Gilbert began his career in 1987 at Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel as a prop trader. In 1998 Pascal joined Banque de Financement et de Trésorerie where as Head of Eurozone bond portfolio management. He then joined La Française in 2001 as Head of bond funds, he was in charge of a team of seven and he managed more than €15bn, including the Multistratégies Obligataires Fund which was rated 5 stars by Morningstar. He was ranked AAA by Citywire.

In September 2017, Pascal Gilbert joined DNCA Finance.

François Collet
Deputy CIO - Portfolio manager

François Collet began his career in 2003 at Natixis Asset Management as a bond fund manager. He managed Natixis Oblivariable and set up Natixis Euro Inflation. In 2006, François joined La Française as Deputy Head of bond portfolio management, he was more particularly in charge of the inflation theme. He managed five bond strategies with total assets under management of €2.6bn, including the Euro Inflation Fund which was rated 5 stars by Morningstar. He received a Lipper award in 2013.

In September 2017, François Collet joined DNCA Finance.

Fabien Georges

Fabien Georges holds a Master's degree in Applied Economics and a Master II Asset Management 222 from Paris Dauphine University.

Fabien Georges began his career at Avenir Finance IM in 2007 in diversified management. In 2011, he joined La Française AM group where he held various management and financial engineering responsibilities. In 2014, he joined Groupama SA as a portfolio manager, which he left a year later for Convictions AM, where he held a position of manager of flexible multi-asset class funds.

In June 2019, he joins DNCA Finance in the Absolute Bond Performance team, as portfolio manager.

Olivier Habault
Portfolio Manager - Analyst

Olivier Habault is a graduate of HEC Paris and holds a CFA.

He began his career at Exane BNP Paribas in the equity sales and arbitrage teams and then in banking sector research. He joined DNCA Finance in June 2017 where he initially worked in the convertible bond teams. At the end of 2019, he joined the European equity teams and co-managed the DNCA Opportunités Zone Euro fund alongside Damien Lanternier.

Jean-Paul Ing
Portfolio Manager - Analyst - CFA

Jean Paul Ing holds an engineering degree in Mathematics as well as a master’s degree in Finance from Paris Dauphine University. He is a CFA charterholder.

Jean Paul Ing began his career in 2015 at Ostrum AM in the convertible portfolio management team. He started working on the European convertible bond market before quickly specializing in American and Asian convertible bonds.

In October 2020, he joined DNCA Finance as a convertible portfolio manager.

Denis Passot
Portfolio Manager

Denis Passot holds a master’s degree in Statistics from Statistics Institute of Paris (ISUP).

Denis Passot began his career in 1985 as a portfolio manager at B.P.G.F. In 1988, he joined CIC Group as a mutual fund manager. In 1991, he joined CDC Ixis Asset Management as a portfolio manager on Euro corporate and sovereign bonds. From 1996, he expanded his activities in convertible bond portfolio management and in synthetic credit strategies. In 2005, he was appointed co-Head of the insurance investment team. From 2008 onwards, he has been solely dedicated to Euro and Global convertible bond portfolio management.

In October 2020, he joined DNCA Finance as a convertible portfolio manager.

Nolwenn Le Roux, CFA
Portfolio Manager - CFA

Graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2002 with a Master's degree in Finance from Paris-Dauphine and CFA charterholder.

Nolwenn Le Roux has over 20 years of solid experience in the credit market, with specific expertise in the High Yield market. Nolwenn has a good track record, with no defaults on its loans companies in its portfolios since 2011.

Before joining DNCA, Nolwenn worked for 9 years at Natixis AM and then Ostrum Asset Management where she managed the High Yield, Convertible and Total Return management teams. Previously, she was Senior High Yield Manager at Amundi from 2005 to 2010.

Ismaël Lecanu
Portfolio manager

Ismaël Lecanu was Head of European Credit IG and HY at AXA IM. A specialist in the banking and insurance sectors, he was responsible for managing flagship funds and mandates on the credit market, as well as flexible and multi-asset funds for the bond component (corporate bonds, ABS, CLOs, etc.).

Previously, Ismaël Lecanu was Head of Fixed Income Management at the Klésia provident fund group.

He joined DNCA Finance in 2023.

Jean-Marc Frelet, CFA
Portfolio manager

Jean-Marc Frelet held the position of IG and HY credit portfolio manager at AXA IM. A specialist in the banking and transport sectors, he was involved in developing a bond valuation tool for use by asset management teams.

Previously, Jean-Marc Frelet worked as a Financial Engineer at La Française and as a Quantitative Engineer at Société Générale in Hong Kong.

He joined DNCA Finance in 2023.

Thibault Chrapaty
Portfolio manager

Thibault Chrapaty holds a Master's degree in Finance from EM-Lyon.

He has 17 years' experience in the high yield markets, not only in Europe but also in the US.

He began his career in London in 2006 at Royal Bank of Scotland in the trading room. In 2010, he joined ANAXIS AM, where he managed several HY funds. After that, he joined La Française AM in 2014, where he managed over 2bn in HY bonds (mature funds, insurance equity, pockets of global macro funds...). After that he spent 3 years at TOBAM where he co-managed various HY funds (mainly US).

In January 2024, he joined DNCA's Global Macro team.

Paul Lentz
Bond analyst

Paul Lentz holds a Masters in Management with a specialization in Market Finance from ESSEC University as well as a Bachelor in Mathematics from McGill University.

After more than two years working as a collateral trader at Morgan Stanley in London, Paul joined DNCA’s “Global Macro” team in November 2023.